Sunday, March 9, 2008


We filmed several interviews in Italy - Rome, Florence and Bellagio. We had some ups and downs, but all in all we came back with great footage to create a great documentary on the best poem ever written, The Divine Comedy.

The next day after I arrived in Rome, we head to film a few interviews at the Divina Commedia theater, where the live opera takes place. I interviewed Vittorio Matteuci, who plays Dante, Lalo Cibelli, who plays Virgil and Gianmario Pagano, the script play writer. We all were very happy with the interviews and later went on to watch the show.

The next day we had planned on interviewing the actress who portrays Beatrice and the composer of the music and concept developer. However, for circumstances out of our control we had to miss them.

On the photo here, I'm holding up the image of the Banner of Hell.

Boris Acosta

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