Tuesday, November 25, 2008

After Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes message was "re-edit", "keep working", "you are on the right track, but more must be done".

We listened! We re-edited, kept working and more has been done, a lot more!

The editing has been extremely tedious and very technical, but as much gratifying. The documentary is becoming a film that will make everybody proud to be in it.

We gave it a lot of thought and got a few great new speakers in to film in Hollywood during August, 2008 and they all did a great job. Got back to editing and re-made an extended trailer to make us confident in moving forward.

Then, we thought to go back to Italy to film some more, but after having a successful week at AFM we thought we had to stay and film the final round of interviews in Hollywood with the participation of some great artists that showed a lot of interest in being part of a historic documentary.

It is certainly refreshing when people follow you showing they believe in you. Then the big task becomes to deliver, and if possible to overcome their expectations.

We decided to take the challenge!!!