Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We arrived in Florence and did not have a chance to have lunch. We just went to the hotel, left our baggage and picked up what we needed and hit the road again to our first location to film.

It was thrilling for me to finally see Dante's statue in Florence and even more to film someone reciting parts of The Divine Comedy at its feet. Then, we rushed to eat at a restaurant that even has Dante's name. Amazing!

The next day we had the pleasure to film at Dante's Restaurant and later interview one of the best professors at the University of Florence.

The president of the province was interested in being interviewed, however, after I asked him through his assistant to talk about politicians in hell, he suddenly got too busy. Sure!

Dante's house was closed, however, the president Museo Casa di Dante offered me to come back to Florence and make it available for me.

I did go back after filming further north. So, I had the enormous pleasure to walk around Dante's house, now a museum and art exhibit. Nonetheless, there is a room where still exists Dante's bed and table (desk), which its door is sealed with a glass. I filmed every possible detailed which will possible be available on You Tube since this part will not make to to the first documentary and I filmed it myself just to plan to do it right next time around. By then, my DP had already left Italy back to Holland.

More to come.

Boris Acosta

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